Palms Casino & Resort – Perfection

At the end of Februrary 2019, we flew with Swoop Airlines and I got to experience Las Vegas for the first time. The popular newer route from Hamilton to Las Vegas has flights on Mondays & Tuesdays and Thursdays & Fridays. Prices can go as low as $170 round trip. It was a great flight and airline which we highly recommend, see our full review (coming soon).

We were incredibly lucky to be able to stay at the unique, modern and completely revolutionized Palms Casino Resort. It is about a 8 minute drive from the main strip which is just enough to get away from all the lights but close enough that the Strip can be easily seen from your room. We were taken into the VIP section to check in where they had snacks and drinks if there was a wait. The lobby lines were incredibly spacious and lines were very short compare to the other resorts in Las Vegas.


The decor throughout the resort was modern and incredibly unique. The main entrance had a adorable plant wall with “Palms” spelt in colorful helium balloons. The lobby desk was very calming with a sky background and a clever neon sign. Everywhere was an opportunity for a perfect photo. There was amazing artwork on the all over which always used bright colors and always caught people’s attention. The whole resort is pure Instagram-worthy!


We had a room in the Fantasy Tower. It was extremely clean and very comfortable. The bed was so fluffy that we could just sink into. I was impressed with the amount of lights in the room, it could be very bright if you wanted which is rare to find in hotel rooms. The color scheme was light and bright and cozy. The TV was incredibly big, with a 65” screen.

I am most picky with hotel bathrooms and this room had THE most perfect bathroom. Huge marble showers that came with new loofahs, very big vanity and shelves to store all your items and still have room left, the separate door for the toilet, luscious fluffy towels with new slippers and robes. The mini bar and snacks had everything you could need, equipped with Advil, cocktail mixers and full Colourpop Makeup kits! It was so great to see those Colourpop x Palms collabs available to purchase. They really did think of everything!

The Palms casino is very classy. It never felt like it was ever overwhelming like we did at all the other casino resorts. The machines were never too loud or in your face annoying. We were able to walk all around with a sense of ease. At Palms Place is where you can find the serene outdoor pool and hot tub that are lined with cabanas.It was fully open and operational in February even though it was cold out. Right next to it is the Drift Spa & Hammam, Body Heat Tanning and a full Fitness Center.

The Resort is home to Pearl Concert Theatre which is a big venue for big acts such as Lady Antebellum.

We loved that the Resort was connected to a full movie theater complete with IMAX showings. You can watch films for $6 before 6pm.

Although we were unable to attend any of the nightclubs at Palms, we thought Apex Nightclub looked amazing. It sits on the 55th floor facing the Strip and has panoramic views of all of Vegas. It seems like a very unique way to experience the Palms nightlife.

From our room, we were able to witness all the construction going on for Palm’s newest day club, Kaos. We were able to see the incredible layout of the venue including the backside of a 65-foot bronze sculpture of a headless demon.

One of my favorite things about the Resort grounds was that it did not have a full out shopping mall. I felt like it was a major factor is why we love the Palms so much. Every other resort on the Strip had a huge mall with all the same shops that we started to feel it was so repetitive. It was a breath of fresh air when we realized there were only a couple of shops that were condense to have the necessities. They have a new collab with REVOLVE apparel and will be opening a retail store in 2019.


The Palms have some really great options for food. We were lucky enough to try Send Noodles, A.Y.C.E Buffet, and Lucky Penny. Send Noodles was incredibly delicious. We had the Firecracker Chicken and the Beef Chow Fun which we wiped clean. It was high-quality food for a low cost. The service was great and you can see the chef cook up your meal as it has an open kitchen. The A.Y.C.E Buffet is highly recommended since you can’t go wrong with the price. Only $12.99 for a huge selection of food and a variety of cuisines. We went for breakfast which I highly recommend.

The food options are really well rounded at the Resort. You can go to the top steakhouse in all of Vegas at Scotch 80 Prime or grab a coffee at the in-house McDonald’s. Palms Resort really did think of everyone in mind and doesn’t discriminate on whether you’re a big spender or a budget traveler.

Rishi and I agreed that when we came back to Las Vegas, it would be our go-to accommodation. I felt like I only needed to see the majority of the huge casino resorts on the Strip once but I definitely planned to come back to the Palms. It definitely is the perfect place to stay in Vegas.

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