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Toronto to Beijing, Seoul or Tokyo (non-stop flight), return back from Taipei to Toronto (1-stop) – $485 to $597 CAD w/ Air Canada

Posted on October 18, 2018 [DEAL EXPIRED] — Missed this deal? Sign-up to our deal alerts

Air Canada is showing incredibly cheap open-jaw flights where you can fly non-stop to Asia and return back from Taipei, Taiwan (1-stop flight) from only $485 to $597 including taxes.

Toronto to Tokyo (non-stop) & Taipei (1-stop) to Toronto – $597
Toronto to Seoul (non-stop) & Taipei (1-stop) to Toronto – $597
Toronto to Beijing (non-stop) & Taipei (1-stop) to Toronto – $485
Toronto to Delhi (non-stop) & Taipei (1-stop) to Toronto- $660
Toronto to Dubai (non-stop) & Taipei (1-stop) to Toronto – $563

The flight between the 2 cities (the middle flight) is NOT included.

Flying between Japan & Taipei is fairly cheap where you can find one-way flights from $100-$150 CAD with low cost carriers such as Jetstar, Vanilla Air & Peach Aviation. Use Google Flights / Kayak / Skyscanner to find dates/pricing.

Obviously you need to get a little creative when it comes to finding one-way flights from Beijing/Delhi/Dubai to Taipei (it’s not cheap!)


Select dates available from End-February to May

Example dates:
Feb 27 to Mar 12
Mar 4 to 12
Mar 6 to 19
Mar 21 to Apr 8
Mar 28 to Apr 15
Apr 2 to 16
Apr 4 to 16
Apr 25 to May 6
Apr 29 to May 13
May 1 to 13
May 9 to 27
May 18 to 28
May 22 to Jun 4

NOTE: Fares and Availability are subject to change.


1. Use Google Flights to search for dates

SAMPLE SEARCH – Toronto to Tokyo / Taipei to Toronto — $597

SAMPLE SEARCH – Toronto to Seoul / Taipei to Toronto — $597

SAMPLE SEARCH – Toronto to Beijing / Taipei to Toronto — $485

SAMPLE SEARCH – Toronto to Delhi / Taipei to Toronto — $660

NOTE: You need to return from Taipei in order for this deal to work!

2. Click through to book with Air Canada


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