World’s Cleanest Airline in 2018: All Nippon Airways

I’m sure you’ve read all those articles that showcase all the dirtiest, filthiest spots on an airplane that make you never want to travel again. Let’s change your mind on that.

SkyTrax hosts the “Oscars” of the Airline and Aiport industry where they give awards for many different categories, such has best airport lounges, best airline seats, best dining and many more.

SkyTrax just released the ranking of world’s best airline cabin cleanliness for 2018 and ANA All Nippon Airways wins. The top 5 airlines on the ranking list were all Asian-based.

  1. All Nippon Airways
  2. Eva Air
  3. Asiana Airlines
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. Japan Airlines
  6. Cathay Pacific

Our of the 30 airlines ranked, there were no Canadian or U.S based airlines. However, Air Canada was ranked the cleanest airline in North America.

SkyTrack surveyed passengers to rate the standards and quality of cleanliness and presentation of cabin panels, washrooms, seat areas, tables, and carpets.

On your next trip to Asia, perhaps consider flying with the world’s cleanest airline.

What is the cleanest/dirtiest airline you’ve flown on?

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