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Vancouver to Tokyo, Tokyo to Singapore & Shanghai back to Vancouver – $599 CAD including taxes w/ JAL & AA

Updated on July 3, 2018 [DEAL EXPIRED]

The price has dropped down to $599.

Posted on May 30, 2018

Japan Airlines and American Airlines are showing cheap multi-city/cheap open-jaw flights to Japan, Singapore and China from Vancouver for only $608 CAD including taxes.

Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan (non-stop flight with JAL)
Tokyo, Japan to Singapore (non-stop flight with JAL)
Shanghai, China to Vancouver (1 connection flight w/ AA)

The flight between Singapore to Shanghai is NOT included.

How do I get from Singapore to Shanghai?
Direct flights are quite expensive between these two cities with one-way flights starting from $300s CAD. A couple of options — 1) fly through Kuala Lumpur from $145
2) fly non-stop to Hangzhou, which is 3 hours away from Shanghai for $148.
Either way, take a look at Google Flights / Kayal / Momondo to see your options.


Cheapest dates are available from end-September through April (excluding Christmas Holiday Period)

NOTE: Fares and Availability are subject to change.


1. Use Flighthub to search for dates
2. Select ‘multi-city’

3. Search for:
Vancouver (YVR) to Tokyo (TYO)
Tokyo (TYO) to Singapore (SIN)
Shanghai (SHA) to Vancouver (YVR)

4. Stick with dates that land on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to get the cheapest flights possible. Start your search off using the following example dates:

Sept 25 to Oct 3 to 10
Oct 3 to 10 to 17
Oct 10 to 17 to 24
Nov 7 to 15 to 21
Nov 19 to 26 to Dec 3
Nov 26 to Dec 3 to 10
Nov 28 to Dec 5 to 12
Jan 21 to 28 to Feb 4
Jan 23 to 30 to Feb 6
Jan 28 to Feb 4 to 11
Feb 6 to 13 to 20
Feb 11 to 18 to 25
Feb 18 to 25 to Mar 4
Feb 20 to 27 to Mar 6
Mar 27 to Apr 4 to 11
Apr 3 to 10 to 17
…many more dates available

NOTE: If Flighthub doesn’t work, try using Expedia



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