If You Want to See the Northern Lights, Stay at Landhótel

In September of 2022, we were so lucky to experience a country that was always on our bucket list, Iceland. We had major plans to head over to the beautiful country back in 2017-2018 when WOW Air was at its height of their popularity with flight fares from Toronto for only $99 one way. We never ended up booking with them and unfortunately, the airline went out of business in 2019. For now, PLAY Airlines is replacing them with comparable pricing. They don’t fly directly out of Toronto yet but we expect the route to be added soon. For this trip, we used Aeroplan points to fly direct with Air Canada. It was our first time catching a flight so late at 11 pm and five and half hours later, we embarked on what became one of the top trips we’ve ever taken.

We arrived at Landhótel after a long drive from Diamond Beach. See our full itinerary here. 


Landhótel is located 15 minutes drive inland from Highway 1, where we passed farm after farm on a windy road. It is completely secluded which makes it the perfect place to watch the Northern Lights. It was the first time that we witnessed the Aurora; a faint grey streak in the sky. The moon decided to be extra bright the night that we stayed at Landhótel, which made it hard to notice any colors, but we noticed streaks in the sky! It was super exciting. They also provide a service that is a wake-up call when the Northern Lights are very visible.

The hotel is very environmentally conscious. We noticed two charging stations for electric cars in their large parking lot.  The building itself was extremely modern and blended in with the beauty of its surrounding. The hotel was architecturally attractive both inside and outside. 


The room was large and spacious. It was made up of an exposed closet and shelving unit which ended in a large desk. There were two single beds put together with single pillows. The bed faced the famous Helka volcano and we were able to watch the sunrise coming up from the mountain range. The view from the room was breathtaking. Large windows face a field into the high peaks. 

The bathroom was very modern with white marble vanity mixed with black stone tiles. It always stayed warm as there was a heater ready to queue up at any time. There was lots of storage space under the vanity and lots of room to move around. 

The hallways are uniquely designed. Colorful carpeting and warm wood walls with beautiful art displayed throughout. It felt like the hallways were almost an art gallery for the digital artist, Kristinn Orn

Food and Drink

The breakfast buffet at Landhótel was a feast for the eyes and stomach.  Freshly baked bread, warm breakfast including scrambled eggs, bacon, hot sausages, freshly brewed coffee, cold cuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables were just the beginning. 

If you want something lighter or more substantial, they offered a variety of Icelandic delights —skyr (a yogurt-like product) with cereals; fruit; chocolate; granola; and much more!

We spent our evening relaxing in their bar lounge area where they were open til late. It was the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a drink. The decor was modern and comfortable, with plenty of seating. The bookshelf was filled with exciting books, and they had Icelandic beers on draught. They also had unique cocktails available which were delicious. 


On the ground level is the spa which all guests can use. Massages can be booked ahead of time. After hiking almost every day, we put their saunas to use. They had both a dry sauna and an infrared sauna. The rooms were dimly lit and relaxing. From the spa room, we headed outside to use their hot tub. Golden hour fell upon the distant mountains and we warmed up our sore bodies. 

The landscape of Landhótel was the best part. Every window from our room, to the hallways, to the dining area showed beautiful scenery with sunlight filling in. It’s the most tranquil place we’ve ever been to. We felt rested, refreshed, and ready to take on another travel day!

If you would like more information about this fantastic hotel, please visit Landhótel.is

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