Here Are the World’s Top Airlines for 2022

It’s certainly a contentious year for traveller satisfaction. Between the various hiccups faced at airports globally and abundant cancellations made by a plethora of airlines, it is definitely a difficult time to be a trusting traveler. Truly, there is no better time than now for to give their official annual list of which businesses do the best job taking to the skies.

Several unique accolades are awarded by the site, including Best in Business Class (Qatar Airways), Best Premium Economy (Air New Zealand), Best Cabin Crew (Virgin Australia), Excellence in Long Haul (Korean Air), Best Inflight Entertainment (Emirates), Best Lounges (Singapore Airlines) and even Best Value Airline (Vietjet). 

However, the main rankings are really where people should direct their attention. These are based on evaluating an airline’s safety rating, the quality of the product they serve (considering all the above categories), and, new in recent years, how the airline handled business during COVID-19 from both a safety and efficiency standpoint. However, editor-in-chief, Geoffrey Thomas, does specify that the current ongoings regarding cancellations and delays were not considered in this year’s rankings. Unsurprisingly, though, the top airlines have all been quite successful at managing their schedules over the last few months and have avoided the customer service pitfalls we are accustomed to here. So, of course, hardly any North American airlines made the cut. 

The official ranked list of airlines is:

#20 British Airways
#19 Alaska Airlines
#18 Air France & KLM
#17 Hawaiian Airlines
#16 Emirates
#15 Finnair
#14 JetBlue
#13 Japan Airlines
#12 Virgin Atlantic
#11 Cathay Pacific Airways
#10 All Nippon Airways
#9 Turkish Airlines
#8 EVA
#7 Virgin Australia
#6 Qantas
#5 Singapore Airlines
#4 Korean Air
#3 Etihad Airways
#2 Air New Zealand
#1 Qatar Airways

As is the case nearly every year, the world’s best-ranked airlines tend to come from Asia & the Middle East, where service standards are undoubtedly the highest. Many of these top airlines fly out of YYZ and YVR direct to their country of origin or even can be used as waypoints between more far-reaching destinations on the other side of the globe. So, if you’re looking to head on an adventure and travel without any of the recent hassles, consider booking a flight on one of the world’s top airlines.

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