You will only get the best of the best deals meaning I won’t be bombarding you with texts of updates to deals, last minute flights or deals that have only a few dates available.

If at any point you want to stop receiving travel deal notifications but still want to stay subscribed, text back “STOP”.

This is pause your phone number and we will stop sending you alerts.

When you want to start it up again, text back “START”.

Changed phone numbers? Just send us an email at with your name and old phone number as well as your new number and we can add it to the database.


Unfortunately, there is no customer portal at the moment.

To update a credit card, you will need to cancel the subscription and re-subscribe with the new credit card.

If you chose more than one and want to stop receiving alerts for a specific city, you can text back these keywords to opt-out, while still remaining subscribed to the cities you want:


Also, if you want to opt out of all cities and cancel your subscription, you can text back LEAVEALL
If you want to ADD cities, just send us an email and we can add your cities of choice.

You can easily unsubscribe by texting back “LEAVEALL” to the number you were receiving alerts.

Otherwise, you can always email us with your phone number and we will gladly cancel your subscription immediately.


Absolutely not! If you don’t have a data plan with your service provider,  you will still receive our alerts from anywhere, even when roaming. Just connect to the local telecommunication company, it’s usually free to connect to them with any SIM card. This way, the text will always reach you. Although you will need to connect the Internet to reach our link that we provide with more information on the deal.

As SOON as Rishi spots a great travel deal, we start working on the page with sample dates and full information on how to book. Those will Text Message Subscription will get the alerts first, then we will send out an email, then post on Facebook, and the rest of the social media platforms. Please note, we have noticed Facebook can sometimes delay a notification hours after we have already posted in our Facebook Page.

This depends on 2 things which are out of our control. 1) Depends how many deals come out in a week as it varies week by week 2) If you chose a major airport like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, you are more likely to get more alerts than other airports as they release more travel deals.

Please give us a maximum of 24 hours to enter your phone number in our database.

We installed an SSL encrypted connection to our website which ensures complete security when making any purchases and keeping your information safe from any outsiders.

If you have a Canadian phone number, then you will NOT get charged by your service provider. We send out texts from a Canadian number, and receive texts from a Canadian number to a Canadian number is absolutely free.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can cancel anytime and get a refund for the first month. If it is past 30 days, we cannot issue refunds. No partial refunds will be granted for early cancellation.

You can cancel at ANY time! Text back with “LEAVEALL” and you will be unsubscribed from text messages. Also, you can send us an email at with your Name and Email and we will cancel your subscription immediately. We will send you a confirmation of the cancellation.

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