Air Canada Offers New Booking Options from YYZ

Due to the alarming number of cancellations and delays experienced by travellers this summer, many are turning to airlines to see if something can be done to rectify this chaotic situation. Undoubtedly, Air Canada is receiving an influx of customer service calls that they are barely able to keep at bay. In response, Air Canada has released some new options for those with existing bookings to potentially guarantee themselves a more secure flight path or to ensure that a delay won’t be a major detriment to their overall travel experience.

The following are new options you can exercise on bookings made between June 15 and August 15th: 

  1. Air Canada is now allowing passengers to change their airport of departure, from YYZ to YTZ (Pearson to Billy Bishop, respectively), if your journey either connects or ends in Montreal or Ottawa. Essentially, the high traffic at Pearson is going to be best left for those travelling to destinations that they cannot reach from the city airport, so you might as well make it easier on yourself and go to the less crowded of the two options.
  1. If you have a connection at Toronto Pearson, you are now able to request a longer connection time, based on what else may be available. For instance, if your layover is only 90 minutes, you can hope to get a seat on the next flight, free of charge, and expand that layover time to ensure you are less stressed getting through customs or security if your connection is international. It also helps ease the worry that flights could be delayed getting into Pearson, as well. 

If you have booked with Air Canada in the aforementioned time frame and are considering utilizing these new options, all you have to do is retrieve your booking on their website between 48 hours and 2 hours prior to departure and request the change to be made. While it isn’t a perfect, no-stress guarantee, it’s an option well worth the effort if you are feeling uncertain about your upcoming journey.

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