Welcome to Next Departure! We are the couple that is behind saving you hundreds of dollars on travel. Rishi is the mastermind that has been finding and posting amazing cheap flight and travel deals from Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver on Facebook travel groups. Farah is the travel guru that manages the backend of the Next Departure platform. She manages the website, Instagram, Twitter, writes up travel guides and provides travel planning consulting services. Neither of us is travel agents nor do we work for any airline or tour company. We’re just two passionate travelers who want to make travel affordable for everyone.

In the recent past, we have traveled to South Africa and Abu Dhabi for $350 CAD, Spain, and Portugal for $375, Paris for $250 and Orlando for $160,  We never thought we’d be able to see the world for so cheap, but along the way we’ve picked up some tricks and techniques that allow me to find and post these amazing deals. We take great pride in finding these cheap deals ourselves and finding them first, but more importantly helping fellow travelers travel the world for cheap!


We’ve heard some incredible stories on how the deals Rishi has posted help you go on your dream vacation or reunite with family you haven’t seen in years, which is why we created this site. Rishi will continue to post amazing deals, including airfare, hotels, and all-inclusive deals. Canadian cities that we will cover include Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. You can now receive free email alerts, follow me Twitter and on my Facebook page and view all the deals we post on our site.


Get help with your next trip by reading about our experiences on traveling on a budget. New blogs are out almost every two weeks.


Here is a list of places we have been in the past 2-3 years:



South Africa




Canadian Rockies

Los Angeles


New York





Mexico City


Montego Bay


Key West




Las Vegas



If you need help planning a trip to any of these places and want us to make you a customized itinerary, feel free to email Farah at farah@nextdeparture.ca for a free quote.